Super Achievers VS Over Achievers

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.   That’s what he says.   I mean little Franklin, who’s a diplomat, scientist, inventor, author, politician, freemason, inventor, statesman, civic activist…   I wonder how many modern men thrive at this legendary level.   We’re going after your level, careful Ben 😉   Btw, if … [Read more…]

Pain of Discipline VS Pain of Regret

So I went to a funeral last night.   Dark Rainy night going up to the mountains in some halls.   It’s a religious one, so lots of singing and praying involved.   My overall impression of that town hall?   They probably haven’t renovated the place since it’s been built.   Dirty toilets, weird … [Read more…]

Value Sucker VS Value Creator

Yo boss…   You know what’s one of the biggest risks every guy take once every few weeks?   Something that once you “go for it”, it’s kind of in the hands of someone else?   Something that you might be risk being laughed, teased or even mocked afterwards…   Well…   It’s going for … [Read more…]

How To Reinvent Your Identity

Serious Question:   Do you know who you currently are MIGHT BE the biggest factor that’s sabotaging your future success?   A lot of self-help gooroos and mediocre chumps taught this idea of “being yourself”.   They misuse words like “authentic”, “true self”, and “real” to cover this idea of being you.   However, that’s … [Read more…]