3 Types of Attention That You Don’t Know

Greetings Champ.   Woke up at 8am? Check. Poured 500ml of lemon water for my body? Check. Did my energy meditative exercises? Check. Had my secret green smoothie for mega energy boost? Check.   Taking action on the most important task of the day first? In progress.   How about you handsome ambitious action-taking badass? … [Read more…]

What Kills Most Budding Entrepreneurs?

Yo Team Life Winners,   How’s this wonderful sunny sweaty morning serving you?   Are there any challenges in your life right now that’s preventing you from living the dream life you’ve wanted?   I bet you do badass.   Because I do, even with wowing girthing awesomeness lol   Do we talk about our … [Read more…]

The Only 3 Broad Areas Your Stress Can Exist (Part 1)

Happy Hump Day good-looking champ!   How excited are you today about creating an additional progress in your life? How much better have you become today compared with where you were 3 months ago? How much more attractive, charming, dominant, successful, productive, creative, abundant, influential will you be in the next 6 months if you … [Read more…]

Pokémon Go Seriously!?

Dude, I’ve gotta go in less than 15 mins…   Will be meeting some friends whom I haven’t seen for half a year…   But I gotta get this message out to you guys…   Seriously!? What the fvck is the masses doing?   Every freaking mediocre is OBESSED with this new game from Nintendo … [Read more…]

How Much Do You Love Your Work Really?

Top of the Morning morning to you chap.   How amazing has your weekend been? For me, this week past = continual value adding to the world   No breaks at all.   Not because I don’t want to. Not because I don’t need to. Not because I can’t to. (Wrong grammar).   But I … [Read more…]

How to Get Rid Of Your Parents and Be Free

Did today’s headline catch you? Did it stir your emotions? Do you feel pissed?   We all have parents; that’s how ALL of us got here.   Some had very loving parents who supported them all along the way. (Sometimes even too much.) Some had unfortunate horrible experiences from their parents and they felt shame, … [Read more…]