Your Worst Enemy?

Yo what’s going on handsome chap?   The internet is sucking harder than a Dyson Vacuum on high right now so I’m not sure when this value-packed PAD can be successfully delivered to your door place…   But as always no excuses for elite guys like us in Team Life Winners and what needs to … [Read more…]

Wow Keye Is On Camera?

Yoyo what’s up good looking, it’s Keye Wu here.   It’s nearly 11pm now and normally PAD is released early in the morning or before tea time….   But I was doing something fun today   Translation: I started shooing some AWESOME VALUE-PACKED videos on my brand new YouTube channel!   Main reason is lots … [Read more…]

Have You Done Your Sunday’s Review Yet?

Greetings badass.   I don’t often write on Sundays but sometimes I just don’t like the feeling of not being productive, so screw that, I’m gonna deliver some value today!   Btw, the Spanish dinner last night was AWE-INPISRIING. That assorted seafood pizza was really one of a kind, so crispy and fresh that had … [Read more…]

Why Can’t You Help Everyone?

What a freaking hot day brother.   I was supposed to go hiking with my Singaporean friends but we decided to call it off as we didn’t want to faint in this burning oven lol   Anyway, we’re gonna grab some tapas, paella, Sangria, and some nice music tonight instead so it’s cool that I … [Read more…]

Are You A Night Owl?

Yooo whatsup brother?   Just came back from my leg and bicep day and it’s pretty tiring standing now writing today’s PAD.   Did I mention that I got a standing desk before?   Yeah, I have been using this standing desk for around a week and results have been quite fascinating.   Not only … [Read more…]

Never Compare Yourself With Others

So that’s it…   The Rio Olympics 2016 has come to an end and it ended with a spectacular closing ceremony that has officially passed the torch to Tokyo for the next host.   I love Tokyo, I still remember the trip I took about half a year ago, a superb city with interesting culture, … [Read more…]