Are You A Night Owl?

Yooo whatsup brother?   Just came back from my leg and bicep day and it’s pretty tiring standing now writing today’s PAD.   Did I mention that I got a standing desk before?   Yeah, I have been using this standing desk for around a week and results have been quite fascinating.   Not only … [Read more…]

3 Types of Attention That You Don’t Know

Greetings Champ.   Woke up at 8am? Check. Poured 500ml of lemon water for my body? Check. Did my energy meditative exercises? Check. Had my secret green smoothie for mega energy boost? Check.   Taking action on the most important task of the day first? In progress.   How about you handsome ambitious action-taking badass? … [Read more…]

Top 3 Mistakes That Are Screwing Up Your Sleep!

Awww man, I had a FANTASTIC sleep last night.   Do you know what’s cool about it?   It gave me inspiration to write some valuable content for you today!   Why does the Universe loves to reward ambitious action takers? 🙂   Contrary to popular belief, I don’t ALWAYS have awe-inspiring sleep all the … [Read more…]