Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Hey man, Keye here with your other issue of Productivity Advice Daily.   Today is special. It’s lunch time right now and people started to begin their work day.   Why?   Coz the past 16+ hours, the weather observatory hosted the Typhoon Signal No.8 in our country.   Which means we had a tropical … [Read more…]

Say Yes To Opportunities … Or Not?

Greetings Champ!   Ready and excited to get your day started?   I had an amazing weekend that’s filled with productive work, and have created a wonderful baby called “State Mastery Training” for those badasses who desire to master their emotional state AT ALL TIMES.   Hundreds of top guys in Team Life Winners have … [Read more…]

What Kills Most Budding Entrepreneurs?

Yo Team Life Winners,   How’s this wonderful sunny sweaty morning serving you?   Are there any challenges in your life right now that’s preventing you from living the dream life you’ve wanted?   I bet you do badass.   Because I do, even with wowing girthing awesomeness lol   Do we talk about our … [Read more…]