Have You Done Your Sunday’s Review Yet?

Greetings badass.   I don’t often write on Sundays but sometimes I just don’t like the feeling of not being productive, so screw that, I’m gonna deliver some value today!   Btw, the Spanish dinner last night was AWE-INPISRIING. That assorted seafood pizza was really one of a kind, so crispy and fresh that had … [Read more…]

Don’t Break The Chain Bro

Hey good looking, how’s this mid-Summer serving you?   Are you enjoying the fresh breezing ocean, UV penetrating sunshine and the intense breathtaking Olympics? Are you still being productive, consistent and dominating your path every day? Are you training hard, mastering your badassery, and “Kaizening” yourself to be an Uber successful legend?   It’s extremely … [Read more…]

5 Ways To Screw Up Your Mornings

Wow, look at the time, it’s noon alright.   5 hours in and there’s NOTHING productive done yet!   Well, at times, we all screw things up, even though we love ourselves and we’re ambitious unstoppable badasses…   Anyways, I’ll explain WTF I did the past few hours that had fvcked up my morning in … [Read more…]