Embrace Change Brother

When you want to improve, you gotta change.   Life is about change.   Everything around us is changing every second – our body cells, our energy level, our age, the moisture of the room, friendships, love, money, weather, traffic, temperature, the location of the Earth etc.   Everything is moving microscopically and macroscopically, whether … [Read more…]

Why You Should Write Your Eulogy NOW

The first thought that comes to your mind is probably…   “Yo Keye wtf is this? Writing my Eulogy now?”   Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening dude.   Wherever you are right now, congrats on being alive and reading this lift-changing new issue of Productivity Advice Daily.   How lucky we are that we still got … [Read more…]

How To Live a Worthy Life

What’s up Champ?   Had tons of meetups, dates and fun sh!t for me in the past week.   Woke up after noon, had a simple lunch and started cracking on my mission again.   Night life was great, but as a slight introvert myself (oh did this surprise you?), I gain energy predominantly by … [Read more…]